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Ton sur Ton La Chaux-de-Fonds

Neuchatel Precollege

Pre-professional course

Since 2001, Ton sur Ton has been giving the most talented students the opportunity to prepare themselves for the entrance exams to Swiss and foreign music schools thanks to its Preprofessional Cursus (PreCollege). This is a complete programme of examinations leading to the "Ton sur Ton Music Certificate", the requirements of which were determined in direct collaboration with the Conference of Directors of the Swiss Jazz Schools (DKSJ).

This pre-professional course includes individual instrument lessons, theory lessons, group workshops and concerts. 

The students of the Cursus are given priority to participate in school projects, in the Big Band and are invited to master classes. An examination is held at the end of each year and the high percentage of students passing the HEM entrance exams attests to the quality of this Cursus.

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