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Bern University of the Arts, Department of Jazz

​Whilst still respecting our history, roots, and the importance of solid fundamentals, we are delighted to consider ourselves as one of the most progressive jazz and contemporary music programmes in Europe and the world.

Culminating in original performances and recordings referencing avant-pop, improvised, classical and electronic music, as well as the richness of the European and international jazz traditions, our aim is to enable our students to find and develop their own voices - as musicians, artists, teachers and beyond.

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Students at bachelor level are already offered networking opportunities on the international jazz scene, and three areas of specialization are available for the master’s degree: Performance, Music Pedagogy and Composition.

Our teachers are some of the world’s finest active practitioners, and our size allows for uniquely dedicated and tailored study. Add the advantage of extensive recording and practice facilities, world-class masterclasses, intensive festivals, transdisciplinary work, and a focus on Musikvermittlung, and it’s easy to see why Bern is ever-more the place to be.
A Jazz and Contemporary Music course for the 21st Century. We look forward to meeting you, and receiving any enquires.

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