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EMT Genève Precollege

ETM - School of Contemporary Music


Instrumental Lessons - Stage and Production - MAO - Precollege


The ETM was founded in 1983 and was the first "rock" music school in western Switzerland.
She offers courses for all ages and all levels, in group or individual lessons. From the age of 6, children learn to play and sing in groups. Teens who want to become musicians attend the pre-college course, and adults can develop in the music style of their choice.

In the "Production" module, children learn how to use computers and software to create their own songs. From metal to electro to rock, jazz or blues - the ETM connects students with current music.


ETM Geneva - The alternative to discover the richness and diversity of today's music. Constantly evolving programs for amateurs or stars of tomorrow. A cultural platform that is animated by active international musicians.

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