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DKSJ Exchange

The Directors' Conference of the Swiss Jazz Schools (DKSJ) is continuing a new partnership-based concert series with the Exchange Nights.

Good music needs to be heard:

Selected bachelor project bands from the jazz departments of the five music academies in Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich present themselves with concerts in the cities of the partner schools.
With the Exchange Nights, the jazz departments of the five music colleges have created a platform for young talents from the Swiss jazz scene. This is where selected students meet, exchange ideas and present their final projects from the bachelor's degree on a small tour of Switzerland.

M.O.R.I (Zurich)

restless journey. jerky, impulsive mood changes. repetitive, meditative patterns. multi-layered, irregular rhythms. instrumental interaction. sometimes quiet, heartfelt, intimate. often deafening, inyourface, snotty. sometimes lean, reduced. sometimes diverse, rich. sometimes mathematically organized order. times randomly improvised without rules. multicolored imagination.

Marina Iten (as), Joa Frey (guitar), tba (b), Ramzi Hammad (dr)

Emotions in Motion

The members of the Baptiste Stanek Trio combine their individual strengths for a journey through different landscapes of jazz. The music between volcanic pulse, urban tension and the melancholy of the wilderness corresponds at the same time to a cartography of their inner spaces. 

Baptiste Stanek (sax), Tabea Kind (b), Václav Palka (dr)

Im Nu

Instantly, in a flash, jerkily, nothing to you, in a wink, in a trice. In a line-up similar to the Paul Motian Trio, we discover a world between acoustic and electronic sounds, blurring melodies and contrasting noises - it's a search for an unstable soundscape, for distant stillness and the opportunity to be in the blink of an eye.

Philippe Vögeli (git), Paul Butscher (flh, tp), Xavier Käser (dr) 

Vincent Schmidt


Vincent Schmidt, a solo guitarist alternating between power and melancholy, expresses his emotions with his ten fingers. The bass is led by the thumb, the melody is narrated by the fingers, and the percussion is played by those who are still available. He takes us into a poetic universe with his acoustic guitar. At the age of 24, Vincent released his second solo album "Between Hope And Fire" in May 2019. However, he will also perform tracks from his debut album, Feelings, and will not forget to present some tracks by Tommy Emmanuel, his biggest influence.

Vincent Schmidt (guitar/voc)

Maurice Storrer Quartet

Bild Luzern_Maurice Storrer Quartett.jpg

The Maurice Storrer Quartet builds on the aesthetics of traditional jazz from the 1950s and 1960s. With influences from swing, cool jazz and hard bop, the band revives the music of that time. Accompanied by the colorful richness of harmony of classical jazz, a varied, energetic music is created, which stimulates to dream, think and snap along.

Maurice Storrer (sax), Felix Geidel (p), Marius Sommer (ba), Aaron Leutenegger (dr)

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