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Filiere Jazz CPMDT - Professional School of Jazz and Improvised Music AMR/CPMDT Geneva

AMR Genève Pecollege

The Geneva jazz school AMR-CPMDT offers world-class jazz education in a setting that is unique in Switzerland. Our program, organized around the partnership established in 1997 between the AMR and the Conservatoire Populaire de Genève, offers 3 professional courses:
The preparatory course, the pre-vocational course and the course for the technical diploma.
Jazz is living music, the language of which is constantly evolving. Our lessons are individually designed for each student and anchored specifically in the practice of this music by letting you live this universe from within.

Our school offers you an extraordinary environment for this:

The AMR is a jazz club of historical importance - one of the beacons of European jazz organizers. The best musicians in the world play here. Play with and listen to the best musicians of the moment in a convenient setting. This is the practical side, the performance.
The largest music school in western Switzerland with the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique de Genève . This is the "theoretical" side. A modern and flexible infrastructure that offers you the tools and perspectives, individual and theoretical courses you need to become a complete musician.
Privileged connections to the "Jazz in New York" scene allow us to receive and work with many of the most important musicians on the New York scene all year round.

Live and learn this music in an inspiring place and with a unique perspective in the pre-professional ecosystem of Switzerland: L'École de Jazz de Genève AMR-CPMDT

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